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Community Guidelines

Loolla aims to facilitate learning and teaching online and is committed to give everyone the opportunity to participate in sharing and learning from each other. Together we are a community that values the spirit of learning and exchange.

We believe that the spirit of online learning and exchange will only grow and spread if every Loolla member - instructor, group organiser, facilitators, members - subscribe to and abide by the following core values:

1. Respect

Communicate respectfully through the various tools available within Loolla. A respectful and healthy discussion, conversation and forum will in turn generate more constructive discussions and attract more talents and ideas into the exchange.

2. Value Privacy

Privacy works both ways. Refrain from using private or personal information shared during any exchange or interaction other than for the uses that are intended and allowed by the parties sharing them. At the same time avoid providing any personal or private information unless you trust the party.

3. Be Socially Responsible

Do not share, publish or promote any information or content that you know to be false, inaccurate, inappropriate, obscene and offensive to others or certain sections of society. When in doubt, refrain from sharing, publishing or promoting such information or content.

4. Aim for High Standards & Quality

Put in effort to share and publish good quality content - be it article, video or images. High quality content is bound to get appreciation and recognition and improve your standing within the community. If it is an article, support your ideas with cogent arguments, research and evidence. If it is a video or an image, it is always worth the time to make it clear, tasteful and have a good resolution.

5. Preserve the Community

If you spot anything that is not appropriate and suitable that undermines the communal spirit of learning and exchange, let us know by emailing us at Together we can help preserve and grow Loolla community where anybody can learn from anyone and everybody can teach everyone.